Wife Obedience to Husband in Islam

Wife Obedience to Husband in Islam
Obedience to the ruler and husband and parents are virtuous acts. There is no obedience in unpermissible, unjust, harmful, troublesome and injurious acts.

Wife Obedience to Husband in Islam

Wife Obedience to Husband in Islam

Note: Allama Jalal Uddin Siyuti has written in Mmat-us-Sand, in explanation of the Traditions of the Holy Prophet, “obedience is only in good acts that is obedience to the Imam is dependent on religious injunctions. If Imam orders any obligatory religious act obedience to him is obligatory. If he orders any desirable act then obedience is desirable, and not obligatory. If he orders any permissible act then obedience is permissible neither obligatory nor desirable. If Imam orders an execrable act then obedience is execrable, but if he orders any prohibited act then obedience is prohibited Some ignorant people consider obedience to the ruler obligatory in any case whether religiously it is obligatory or desirable or permissible or execrable. This ignorant belief leads even to Kufr (unbelief as in this matter some orders of the Imam will be given preference over the Holy Prophet which is Kufr (unbelief) or execrable and prohibited will be taken as obligatory which is also Kufr-Abu Daud.

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#Urdu: Wazifa for Wife Obedience to Husband in Islam
pati aur maata-pita ke lie aagyaakaarita ka paalan karane ke lie aagyaakaarita achchhe kaary hain apraapy, anyaayapoorn, haanikaarak, pareshaanee aur haanikaarak krtyon mein koee aagyaakaaree nahin hai.
Note: allaama jalaal udin siyuti ne paigambar kee paramparaon ke vivaran mein mamata-in-ret mein likha hai, “aagyaakaarita keval achchhe kaamon mein hai, jo imaam ke lie aagyaakaaree hai, vah dhaarmik nishedh par nirbhar hai. agar imaam ne koee anivaary dhaarmik usake lie aagyaakaaree hona anivaary hai yadi vah kisee bhee vaanchhaneey kaary ka aadesh deta hai to aagyaakaarita vaanchhaneey hai, anivaary nahin hai. yadi vah koee anugyey adhiniyam ka aadesh deta hai to aagyaakaarita anugyey hai, na hee anivaary hai aur na hee vaanchhaneey hai. agar imaam ek phaisale ke aadesh ka aadesh dete hain to aagyaakaarita nishpaksh hotee hai, lekin vah kisee bhee nishiddh adhiniyam ka aadesh deta hai to aagyaakaarita nishiddh hai kuchh agyaanee log kisee bhee maamale mein anivaary shaasak ke lie aagyaakaaree maanate hain ki kya dhaarmik roop se yah anivaary hai ya vaanchhaneey hai ya anumey ya anuchit hai. yah agyaanee vishvaas kuphr (yahaan tak ​​ki is maamale mein avishvaas ke kaaran hota hai imaam ko pavitr paigambar par vareeyata dee jaegee jo ki kufr (avishvaas) ya nishkalank hai aur nishiddh hai jise anivaary roop se liya jaega jo kuphr-aboo daud janasampark hai.


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How To Solve Husband Wife Relationship Problems | Wazifa | Dua | Amal

How To Solve Husband Wife Relationship Problems | Wazifa | Dua | Amal

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Wazifa for Sexual Ability

WAZIFA FOR SEXUAL ABILITY | Wazifa To Increase Sex Desire In Male
It is reported that Hazrat Hasan Basri (R.A.) was once informed of a person who had married but he had not sexual ability. He asked for two boiled eggs, removed the shells and recited the following verse and blow on one of the two eggs, ven te then gave it to the husband to eat:

Wazifa for Sexual Ability

Wazifa for Sexual Ability

Was-Samaaa- a banay-naahaa bi- ydinw-wa ‘Innaa lamuusi ‘uun.
“With the power and skill did we construct the Firmament For it is we who create the vastness of space.” water (51:47)

After that he recited the coming verse and blow on the rshoud other egg, then gave it to his wife to eat:

Wazifa To Increase Sex Desire In Male

Wazifa To Increase Sex Desire In Male

Wal-‘arza fa-rashnaahaa fa-ni -mal-maahidulun! “And We have spread out the (spacious) earth: How excellently We do spread out!” (51:48)
This act proved to be highly successful.

#IN HINDI: Wazifa for Sexual Ability | Mardo mein sexs ichchha badhaane ke lie wazeefa
yah bataaya gaya hai ki hajarat hasan banaaree (aare) ko ek baar us vyakti ke baare mein soochit kiya gaya tha, jisane shaadee kee thee lekin usakee yaun kshamata nahin thee. usane do ubale hue ande ke lie poochha, gole nikaal diya aur nimnalikhit kavita padh kar do ande mein se ek ko uda diya, phir to khaane ke lie pati ko diya:

tha-samaiya- ek banay-naah dvi-yin-va-in-in-laamoosee yoon
“shakti aur kaushal ke saath hamane brahmaand ka nirmaan kiya hai, kyonki yah ham hain jo antariksh kee vishaalata banaate hain.” paanee (51:47)

isake baad usane aakar kee kavita padhee aur doosare ande par uda diya, phir use apanee patnee ko khaane ke lie de diya:

vaal-rajja pha-rasanaaha pha-nee -mal-maahidulun! “aur hamane (vishaal) prthvee ka vistaar kiya hai: kitana shaanadaar ham phailate hain!” (51:48)
yah kaary atyadhik saphal saabit hua.

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Powerful Wazifa To Increase Sex Desire In Male

Wazifa For Love Marriage Problems

Wazifa For Love Marriage Problems

Wazifa For Love Marriage Problems

Wa laa lamuddanna ‘aynayka ‘ilaa maa maina naa bihiil ‘atwa ajam minhum zahralal hayaalid dunyaa, linalaina hum fiihi Iwa ritqu Rabbika Ahayrunwwa ‘abgaa. -mur ‘ahlaka bis Salaati wasia bir alayhaa. Laa nas’aluka rit4aat Nall nin nar-tuguk, Wal-‘Magibatu lil Taquaa.

Nor strain your eyes in longing for the things we have given for enjoyment to parties of them, the plendour life of this world, through which We test thems but provision of your Lord is better und more enduring Vnjoin prayer on your people, and be constant therein, We irsekr ssk you not to provide sustenances We provide it for yes, But the (fruit of the Hereafter is for Righeousness. (131-132)

Significance: Anyone who desires to be married should write the above mentioned verses on a piece of paper and wear it as a Taaweez, he will soon get married Insha Ailah, if a sid person wears it, he will Insha Allah soon be cured and if person wears it, he will soon recieve livelihood by the grace of Allah
Anyone who desires inviting proposals for his daughter, should write Surah Al -Ahzaab on the skin of buck or a of paper, Then it should be seiled in a came which must be key in a safe place in the house, Many proposals will lnsha Allah begin to come.

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Wazifa for Love Marriage
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#In Hindi: Shadi Ki Abhivyakti Ke Liye
va laamaamuddan ainaayaka aaeela mukhy naam kee baheel aatta ajam minham zahraal hayaat dunya, linalaina haam phiihee iva ritav raabika ahoorunla abaga -moor ahalaka bis salaatee visaee bir alahaaha laa naasulu rohit 4 et nol nan-tugook, vaal- maigeebaattu leel taikva.

un cheejon ke lie jo ham un ke paksh mein aanand lene ke lie dee huee ichchhaon ke lie apanee aankhon ko naseehat dete hain, is duniya ka mote jeevan, jisake maadhyam se ham unako pareeksha dete hain, lekin apane bhagavaan ka praavadhaan behatar hai aur apane logon par praarthana karate rahen aur usamen sthir rahen , ham aapako bataate hain ki aap nirantarata pradaan nahin karen, ham ise haan ke lie pradaan karate hain, lekin (isake baad ka phal rgvejanes ke lie hai. (131-132)

mahatv: jo koee bhee vivaah karana chaahata hai, vah uparokt chhandon ko kaagaj ke ek tukade par likhana chaahie aur ise taavez ke roop mein pahanana chaahie, vah jald hee inasha aila ko shaadee kar lega, yadi koee vyakti ise pahanata hai, to vah insha allaah theek ho jaega aur yadi vyakti ise pahanata hai, vah jald hee allaah kee krpa se aajeevika praapt karenge
jo koee apanee betee ke prastaavon ko aamantrit karane kee ichchha karata hai, use soor kee al-ahaajaab likhana chaahie, jo ki tvacha ya pepar kee tvacha par hota hai, phir ise aane par ghar mein ek surakshit sthaan par rakha jaana chaahie, kaee prastaavon mein lansha allaah aane ke lie shuroo.

Wazifa For Acquiring Love From The Wife

A-Whosoever writes Surah Yousuf on a piece of paper then wears it as a Taaweez, his wife show a lot of love and affection towards him.
B-lf a husband keeps the attribute of Allah iece The Enricher) in his mind during copulation, his kept wife will respond with much love affection.


Wazifa For Acquiring Love From The Wife


Rabbi hab lii mil ladunka zurriyatan-tayyibah: ‘innaka Samii-ud-du-‘aaa’.
‘O My Lord! Grant unto me from you a progeny that pure. You are He that hears prayer!” (3:38)
Significance: A person who desires to have a virtuous and righteous son, should recite the above mentioned verse ccessively.

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#In Hindi: Patni Se Pyaar Karane Ke Liye Wazifa
Patnee Se Pyaar Karane Ke Liye | Patnee Se Pyaar Karane Ke Liye Wazifa Prem
e-jo koee bhee kaagaj ke ek tukade par sooraj yoosuph ko likhata hai to use taaveez ke roop mein pahanata hai, usakee patnee usake prati bahut pyaar aur sneh dikhaatee hai.
bee-eleph ek pati ne allaah kee visheshata ko apane dimaag mein sannyaas ke dauraan rakhee hai), usakee patnee rakhe patnee bahut pyaar sneh ke saath javaab denge.

ek beta ko praapt karane ke lie | ek beta enkvaayaring ke lie wazifa
rabbee hahi lee lee milunka zureeyyaatan-teyibaah inaka saimee-ud-du-eha
he mere paramadev! mujhe tum se ek santaan ko shuddh karo, jo shuddh hai. too hee vah hai jo praarthana sunata hai! “(3:38)
mahatvapoornata: ek vyakti jo ek sachche aur dharmee putr kee ichchha rakhata hai, uparyukt kavita ko kadaee se padhana chaahie

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